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giovedì 12 novembre 2009

Gerry Mendicino e Franklin Allan Pershep

Ozzy bin Oswald fa notare qui la straordinaria ed impressionante somiglianza tra

Franklin Allan Pershep, vittima del WTC

Gerry Mendicino, attore.
e spiega:

Gerry Mendicino as Benny Begin in Lucky Number Slevin. His single line, delivered during the credits, is "So...why are you here?" and then he is slaughtered.

"Gerry Mendicino attributes his career success to his versatility of characters in a variety of venues in the entertainment industry. Gerry was born in North Bay Ontario Canada, graduated from Windsor University's Drama School and began his career on 'King of Kensington'..."
The King of Kensington, produced by Mark Humphrey's dad Jack Humphrey.

Gerry Mendicino demo reel

Mendicino is the janitor in Saw VI, Hank, who appears briefly beginning at 11:11 and is slaughtered soon after.
The line below is: "Looking good Hank."
And the only line Gerry Mendicino aka Hank/Frank delivers is "Who the hell is that guy?!!"

It seems actor Gerry Mendicino is commonly assigned roles in which he suffers an early and violent demise.

Mayday aka Air Emergency..... Gerry Mendicino as Captain El Habashi

"What’s happening, Gamil? What’s happening?
What is this? What is this? Did you shut the engines?
Pull. Pull with me. Pull with me. Pull with me." -Captain Ahmed Mahmoud El Habashy, EgyptAir flight 990, last words, on returning to the cockpit, source NTSB, 13:50 EST 31 October 1999.

Certo che l'aver interpretato nella finzione cinefotografica dei ruoli come:

George Tenet, direttore della Cia in DC 9/11
Ahmed Habashy, il pilota del volo EgyptAir 990,in Air Emergency
lo zio Taky in Un grasso Matrimonio Greco

fa pensare.

Io penso che Ozzy abbia ragioni da vendere.

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